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Meet Our School Community

Our dedicated teachers, counselors, advisors, and support staff are here for you as you plan for your future.
Math Teacher

Ms. Biggers enjoys watching documentaries, kick boxing, and spending time with family. She also runs the 11th grade student council. 

Parent Coordinator

Mrs. Roberto enjoys doing things for others and serving those she loves. She enjoys cycling, crocheting, rescuing animals in need, and swimming. Mrs.

Geometry teacher

Mr. Fredericks loves to play basketball and snowboard in his spare time when he's not teaching. As part of the EPIC North community he works along side Ms.

Social Studies Teacher

Tim Cipolla enjoys discussing real estate, finance, and investment opportunities. He loves hearing travel stories from others, and trying all different kinds of cuisine.

College Office & ENL Support

Ms. Kaur has a profound interest in cosmetics. She is skilled at styling hair, make-up, etc. She has a strong desire to help students achieve their post high school goals, and works in the college office toward that end.