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  • Welcome To EPIC North
    Our School Community Welcomes You!
  • Welcome To EPIC North
    Our School Community Welcomes You!
  • Celebrating student leaders
    2024 Momentum Workshop
  • Live Streaming Sports
    Watch games live in the gym or view our live stream on the news & events page.
  • I Am Because We Are
    Celebrating a tradition of athletic excellence at EPIC!

Upcoming Events

Be a part of our school community's exciting upcoming events. 

Streamed Events Highlight

Special Events will now be streamed live on our News & Events page. 

 After streaming, events are archived on our video media page. 

Don't miss the action! 

Core Values


Students make important decisions about the direction of their learning and their lives. At EPIC North, we listen to our young people and, instead of prescribing paths, we present options, and teach skills pertaining to leadership and choice.a


Learning is built upon a sense of self and connects wherever possible to practical experience. At EPIC North, all students and staff maintain personal growth plans that engage strengths to surmount challenges and that emphasize application.


We embrace the communities already in our students’ lives just as we guide them to forge new ones. At EPIC North, honoring who we are is intimately bound up with deciding who we’ll be through acts of service and connection.


Cultural biases in education are rooted out and all students’ senses of place and perspective are reflected in content and pedagogy. At EPIC North, instruction connects students to their heritage and expands access points to learning.


We each exist as unique and powerful learners but we also work together to transform our community and ourselves. At EPIC North, our learning community operates on the moral principle of Ubuntu — “I am because we are.”


Students and staff understand how future ability evolves from present ability and approach learning to improve both the self and the world. At EPIC North, we encourage our students to take risks, learn from failure, and design a better future.

Our Mission

The mission of EPIC HS North is to challenge all students to dream big and to support them in designing their future. We recognize that each student has their unique way of learning therefore we provide a series of learning experiences that will help them develop the skills they need to be successful.

We honor and integrate our communities to make learning relevant, responsive and accessible. Students will develop a positive sense of self and have developed college-career readiness.


EPIC HS North is an unscreened school. Your child simply needs to put our school down in the application. All students are selected at random.