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Meet Our School Community

Our dedicated teachers, counselors, advisors, and support staff are here for you as you plan for your future.
Multi-Subject Department Coordinator and Teacher

Mr. Bulmer enjoys knitting and long walks on the beach in his spare time. He is also working on an unofficial biography of Bob Ross entitled, "We All Make Happy Mistakes: The Unsung Genius of Bob Ross as a Philosophy for Success."

Art Teacher & Yoga / Mindfulness Specialist

Mrs. Hanna enjoys yoga, meditation, running, painting, and hiking. After school, she shares her passion for artistic expression through the Art Club here at EPIC.

Science Teacher

In addition to biology, Mrs. Katwaru has a huge interest in Forensic Science.

ELA Teacher, Tech Coordinator & SPOC

Mr. Taylor enjoys heavy metal, stringed instruments, rock climbing, building computers, science fiction and fantasy of all sorts.

ELA Teacher

Mr. Goss likes to exercise a lot, and tries to train his cat Gomez to perform tricks (which he's not actually interested in). Mostly, Mr. Goss enjoys reading and writing constantly on a variety of subjects.