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Meet Our School Community

Our dedicated teachers, counselors, advisors, and support staff are here for you as you plan for your future.
ELA Teacher
Mr. Taylor joined the EPIC community in 2017 as an English teacher. After school, he runs the guitar club. In his spare time, Mr. Taylor enjoys heavy metal, stringed instruments, rock climbing, building computers, writing, reading, cooking baking and science fiction & fantasy
ELA Teacher

Mr. Goss joined the EPIC community in 2019 as an English teacher. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening, books (All of them), METAL!, politics, weight lifting, and his cat Gomez! He is currently the UFT Chapter Leader. 

School Social Worker

Ms. Arias joined the EPIC community in 2017 as a school social worker. She continues that role and also serves as the 10th grade guidance counselor.

Multi-Sub Teacher

Mr. Simon joined the EPIC community in 2020 as a multi-subject teacher. He enjoys anything dealing with video games and music. He runs the after school Video Game Club. In addition, Mr. Simon also enjoys watching documentaries. 

Math Teacher

Ms. Dhima joined the EPIC community in 2015 as a Math teacher. After School she coordinates the Syracuse University Project Advance program which includes supporting students who are currently enrolled in Calculus and College Spanish.