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Meet Our School Community

Our dedicated teachers, counselors, advisors, and support staff are here for you as you plan for your future.
Guidance Counselor
Mrs. A joined the EPIC community in 2017 as a guidance counselor. Additionally, she runs the Beauty & Brains Club. In her spare time, Ms. A enjoys cooking, reading, and going for walks. 
Mathematics Teacher

Ms. Biggers joined the EPIC community in 2018 as a math teacher. After school she runs student council. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching documentaries, kick boxing, and spending time with family.

Parent Coordinator

Mrs. Roberto joined the EPIC community in 2018 as a parent coordinator. She enjoys cycling, crocheting, rescuing animals in need, and swimming. Mrs.

Mathematics Teacher

Mr. Fredericks joined the EPIC community in 2022 as a Geometry teacher. After school he coaches the Boys Varsity Basketball team and the Volleyball team.

ENL Teacher
Ms. Hoffman joined the EPIC community in 2023 as an ENL teacher. In the near future she hopes to run a book/writing club that focuses on culturally diverse literature after school. When she is not teaching, she enjoys reading, writing, singing, recording and making music.