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Meet Our School Community

Our dedicated teachers, counselors, advisors, and support staff are here for you as you plan for your future.
Mathematics Teacher

Ms. Mitts joined the EPIC community in 2022 as a Math teacher. After school, she is the coach for Girls Volleyball in addition to doing Math Regents Prep. Ms. Mitts loves to read and play chess.

Speech Language Pathologist

Mrs. Daniel joined the EPIC community in 2018 as the speech language pathologist. In her spare time, she most enjoys spending time with her family and her dog. 

Science Teacher

Ms. Araujo (Ms. A) joined the EPIC community in 2022 as a science teacher. She is highly interested in women's health and genetics. In her spare time she enjoys reading, exploring, and traveling. 

ENL Teacher

Mr. Cordano joined the EPIC community in 2020 as an ENL teacher. In his spare time, Mr. Cordano enjoys cooking, reading cookbooks, and movies (particularly documentaries).

School Programmer

Ms. Bhramdat joined the EPIC North community in 2017 as a Science teacher and now serves the school community as the School Programmer.